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AMOC 2015 will be organized in the main building of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

c) Serrano 117 Madrid



                                                                                              c) Serrano 117                                                                                                           CSIC campus


The Welcome Reception, the Poster Session and the coffee breaks will take place in the Residencia de Estudiantes of CSIC and in the building at c) Serrano 123, Madrid. Both buildings are placed in the CSIC campus. The restaurant for “meals” is placed outside the campus in  c) Serrano 150.



                                                                       Residencia de Estudiantes                                                                                                   c) Serrano 123


How to reach the Campus of Serrano


The CSIC is placed in the city center. The most convenient way to reach the campus is using the metro (

 From the airport, there is an “almost direct line” from Terminals 2 and 4 to the metro station of Nuevos Ministerios. From Nuevos Minesterios station is possible to walk to CSIC (15 mn); otherwise Line 6 connects Nuevos Ministerios and  Republica Argentina (5 mn walking)


                                                                       Map of the city of Madrid                                                                                                   Map of the district

Metro de Madrid

Recommended stations (close to CSIC) = Republica Argentina (Line 6) and Gregorio Marañon (lines 7 and 10)